Taekwondo & Hapkido Classes at UMAFC

Belt ranking represents the advancement and dedication in Martial Arts. White Belt, meaning purity – no knowledge of Martial Arts, up to Black Belt, which symbolizes a deep understanding and coming together of all belts.

Hapkido is a Korean art of self-defense. As in any Martial Art, Hapkido structure has more than 270 major techniques, with the possibility of more than 10,000 variables. The addition of 3,864 attack and defense techniques, to the multitude of counter attacks and combinations, make for endless flexibility. It is this unique advantage of Hapkido that makes it so interesting and peculiar. Some may wonder how one can learn and master 10,000 techniques. It is not so difficult as it may appear. Once the fundamental techniques have been mastered, it is quite easy to learn and perform the many variations. The fundamental techniques of Hapkido are classified as follow: empty hand against empty hand, empty hand against a weapon, and weapon against a weapon.
Each category is divided into offensive and defensive techniques and each of these have joint locking and striking techniques. Within the joint locking techniques are included twisting, throwing, paralyzing, and strangling techniques. Within the striking techniques are included kicking, punching hitting, cutting, and stubbing. The techniques with weapons include dagger holding, dagger throwing, sword, log knife, club, cane, pole, stone holding, and stone throwing techniques. In using various weapons for either offense or defense, there are various position techniques, standing, sitting, and lying down.


Hapkido is achieved when my own power and the power of my opponents are united together.


⦁ Make a circle like a gem (Principle of the circle)
⦁ Make flow of the water (Principle of the way)
⦁ Make a unit with the opponent (Principle of the sum)

Power Rangers (Ages 4-6)

Our ‘Power Ranger’ class utilizes the natural energy & excitement of children to develop a healthy body and mind. Whether learning kicking techniques, gymnastic tumbling, or weapons training, we provide a program that is safe, effective, and fun! We help shape a strong, healthy body and well-built mental focus that will help your child as they begin school.

Beginners & Intermediate (Ages 7-12)

White belt signifies purity – no knowledge of martial arts. We have designed our Beginners & Intermediate classes around this basic principle, giving each new student a warm welcome and encouragement.
Send your kids back to school with self-discipline and confidence. They’ll love coming to class!

Advanced (Ages 7-12)

Martial Arts build the best role models! Advanced students engage in martial arts with maturity. We cultivate leadership by encouraging Advanced students to become Assistant Instructors to Beginner classes.

Teens & Adults (Ages 13+)

Taekwondo is for everyone!
Whether you’re looking for a new school, want to try a different style of martial arts, or simply desire a new workout plan, we provide ways to meet your needs and help you grow at any age.


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Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Class times depend on the rank and age of participants, please follow the schedule page for detailed information.

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