Taekwondo & Hapkido Classes at UMAFC

Belt ranking represents the advancement and dedication in Martial Arts. White Belt, meaning purity – no knowledge of Martial Arts, up to Black Belt, which symbolizes a deep understanding and coming together of all belts.

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UMAFC Classes Offered

Power Rangers (Ages 4-6)

Our ‘Power Ranger’ class utilizes the natural energy & excitement of children to develop a healthy body and mind. Whether learning kicking techniques, gymnastic tumbling, or weapons training, we provide a program that is safe, effective, and fun! We help shape a strong, healthy body and well-built mental focus that will help your child as they begin school.

Beginners & Intermediate
(Ages 7-12)

White belt signifies purity – no knowledge of martial arts. We have designed our Beginners & Intermediate classes around this basic principle, giving each new student a warm welcome and encouragement.

Send your kids back to school with self-discipline and confidence. They’ll love coming to class!

(Ages 7-12)

Martial Arts build the best role models! Advanced students engage in martial arts with maturity. We cultivate leadership by encouraging Advanced students to become Assistant Instructors to Beginner classes.

Teens & Adults
(Ages 13+)


Taekwondo is for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for a new school, want to try a different style of martial arts, or simply desire a new workout plan, we provide ways to meet your needs and help you grow at any age.



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All UMAFC Classes are taught and supervised by certified Masters & Instructors