Master Tony Alviz

We are the master and instructors of the UMAFC, better known as United Martial Arts Family Center. We teach the ancient forms of Korean Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do and Kendo. The United Martial Arts Family Center is a recognized institution dedicated to the empowerment of families and individuals. Its Master and Instructors have been involved in Martial Arts for more than three decades.

Chief Master Instructor Tony Alviz is the most highly regarded figure in our community, having been internationally involved in Martial Arts for thirty-five years. He has co-founded schools several schools in the United States. He and the supporting masters and instructors have a wide range of technical expertise in Martial Arts making our organization unique. Senior instructor Ralph Knapp/Michelle Beltran and Taj George is a solid instructor with a combine 30-year experience in Martial Arts, co-directed several Dojos under YMCA Martial Arts programs. Instructor Saul J Trujillo/Christian J. Trujillo/Faustino Pereyda/Cecilia Abraham/ Emiliano Pereyda/Camila Pereyda also had combined over thirty years of experience in Martial Arts. They all have cofounded the Martial Arts program within the Border View YMCA, USA and the UMAFC. Besides Martial Arts, our team of master and instructors poses a wide range of skills that make our school unique. It is truly a respected team of well-rounded experienced Masters and Instructors. We believe that changes come from within and with this practice we can change one person at a time.

Society dictates that we possess a certain amount of self-assertiveness. The need for physical and mental improvement and development is universal. The need for protection is personal. People of all ages are looking for a way to invest their time to yield for greater return in their lives. Make no mistake! Thousands have found just that in the United Martial Arts Family Center. So, let us do what we do best. Let us show you how we can help you.