To All UMAFC Students,

First and foremost, thank you for your support and understanding during this unprecedented time. As you know, in order to follow government recommendations and mandated orders, we had to close the school. At the moment, we are uncertain as to when we can reopen again but your health, fitness and safety is our priority.

We will be holding virtual online classes and I encourage you all to join us. Your support during this time is very much appreciated and will help keep our school stay open so that when all this is over, we can all come back and train with each other again.

We will be conducting online classes starting this Wednesday, April 8, 2020. The schedule is very similar to our typical class schedule, however there are a couple minor changes. So please pay close attention to the times.

The following is the schedule for live online classes are available on the website:

Check the Website: or

We also encourage everyone to those that we don’t have your email or correct phone number on file. Please send us an email at or call (No Text) to (619) 423-5043.

Please provide: Practice Days/Student Name/Belt Color/email or Phone #.


Along with the information on how to connect. This will repeat weekly until we are able to train in person again. There will be a separate email shortly following this email for the schedule.

Monday & Wednesday – All Color Belt

Tuesday & Friday – All Color Belts

Thursday – BB Candidates/ Black Belt Only.

How to be able to join the session:

Step 1 – Please do this in advance of the online classes so that you are ready to join as soon as the class starts – Download the Zoom application on your mobile device or PC.

Step 2 – If possible, please make sure you are in a quiet room, free from distractions and background noise so that unnecessary noise is not transmitted to the rest of the class.

Step 3 – Connect and join me for live online classes by clicking on the links below based on your class schedule.

Step 4 – Once Zoom launches, click join Using Video and Join Using Devise Audio so that you can interact with the me or the instructor. You will be muted before class starts. This is just to maintain class quality and make sure that there is no audio interference and you can hear us clearly.

Mstr. Tony Alviz


To All UMFC member,

Just wanted to share everyone with all of you about a special provided by our suppliers “CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS”, to be able to received 10% discount to all your martial arts supply that you need. Please be advise that supporting our suppliers will keep our providers to stay in business. We appreciate to all your support.

Log in to shop at:


The Promo Code will get you 10% Off of regular price items. It excludes oversize and clearance items.

If the order is over $99, the student will receive FREE SHIPPING. 

I would suggest the following:

Boxing Gloves

Hand wraps

Chest guards

Helmet (blue/white)

Long staff / Nun chucks

Any equipment that may help you on your training. 

Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

P.s. follow mandated stay home order to protect the health and well-being of all around you.

We’re all in this together. “Family that kicks together sticks together”

UMAFC & Family

Mstr. Tony Alviz


Good morning to all my UMAFC family,

I hope that everyone is doing well during these challenging times. I hope everyone is following the guidelines to keep your family safe and staying healthy. I know that it will take some time before this COVID-19 outbreak can be contained. I would like for all my students to contact me for any questions you may have in regards to your curriculum. I hope that you’ll continue your practice at home to keep the knowledge that you have acquired . You can all reach me with our email at or through Facebook @ United Martial Family Center. I will be more than happy to get your questions answered, or if you need some video to see I will be able to send it to you through a text or email. If you do reach me through Facebook, make sure to leave your info where to reach you through messenger. Thank you for all your support and understanding on this critical times.

“Remember , Family That kicks together sticks together!”

Mstr. Tony


We care about our UMAFC Family!

Here’s how were taking steps against COVID-19.

During this increasing tense time, we want you to know that UMAFC is taking steps to ensure you all stay safe. We care about the health & wellness of each and every one of you, and are doing our part to fight this. We have been monitoring updates on the coronavirus closely and keeping in touch with latest results from the industry, to ensure we make the most rational and safe decision possible, for our Studio and UMAFC family. After much deliberation, we have decided to CLOSE DOWN our facility Effective Tuesday, March 17th 2020, till further notice. We will notify everyone via email/text when classes are to resume.

Please stay safe and take extra precaution as this virus can be easily spread. 

Sincerely, your UMAFC FAMILY

Mstr. Tony & Family.